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Networking, meetings, talks and business.

We are bridging together businesses, business owners, decisions makers, suppliers, buyers, traders, industries for networking and new business.

The main focus of FPBS events is always supporting networking, boosting bilateral trade and investments in all industry and business sectors. In addition to those various talks and actions, as well as all B2B meetings and presentations taking place during the day.

We picked one main theme and that’s sustainability in its various forms, please read more about the business sectors in the agenda below.

So stay tuned for additional details and updates. And if you are also ready interested to join us as a sponsor or partner, let’s start the talks now!

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FPBS 2024 

23 April in Islamabad – 25 April in Karachi

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09:00  Registration opens


10:00  Welcoming words.

10:15  Official Opening by our Chief Guest.

10:30 – 11.15  Sustainability and Trade – What does this mean in practice?  Panel discussion on trade and investment opportunities between Pakistan and Finland in sectors like healthcare, agriculture, construction, manufacturing and IT/ICT.

11:15 – 12:00  Energy Technologies, Production and Consumption – How the Future Energy Environment would look like with Pakistan-Finnish Cooperation? Panel discussion on sustainable energy and future of energy production and consumption, production forms, carbon capture.

12:00 – 12:15  Word for our Non-Profit Partner (tbc)

12:15 – 13:00  Technology & Knowledge Transfer and Sustainability – Finnish tools to support the development of Pakistan? Panel discussion on technology – could we revolutionize industries, logistics, telecommunication, healthcare, innovations, agriculture, infrastructure with strong sustainable approach? What Finnish and Pakistani companies can do together for growth and development of Pakistani industries.

13:00  Lunch break


14:00 Discovering the internationalization opportunities of SME’s in textile, crafts, interior design and services,   provided by Finnpartnership.

Finnpartnership is proud to connect the Finnish buyers and Pakistani artisans together! Whether you work with handicrafts, other artisan products like textiles, carpets, interior products or carpets, this afternoon is where buyers and artisans will meet around interesting talks and networking supporting wonderful artisan traditions of Pakistan. Finnish companies will also have a chance to meet the artisans and companies separately for any business talks or negotiations.

If you want to know more, please contact us or the Finnpartnership team directly. And all Finnish companies, please note that your registration fee is subvented by Finnpartnership, read more here.

14:00 World-class Finnish education and Pakistan? What we can do together in basic education, teachers training and TVET-sector Panel discussion on challenges and opportunities in the education sector, followed by One-to-One meetings between educationists and institutions.


Please note that whole afternoon is also reserved for B2B meetings and negotiations (meeting rooms available)

15:30 Closing the day with High Tea and Networking.

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Curious to see what happened at FPBS 2023 in Karachi and Islamabad?

A few quick shots below but if you want to hear and see more, please click to our Facebook page for pictures and videos of Finland Pakistan Business Summit 2023, held in Islamabad (13 March, 2023) and Karachi (15 March, 2023)

All female audience on stage after all female panel discussion on education and social impact at FPBS 2023 in Islamabad, 13 March 2023.
Participants of Energy Discussion at FPBS 2023, in Islamabad, March 13, 2023.
Part of the educationists joining for education talks at FPBS2023 in Karachi, 15 March 2023.
Energy Talks on FPBS2023 stage in Karachi, 15 March 2023.

Panel discussion about increasing value of Pakistani exports on FPBS2023 stage in Karachi, 15 March 2023


The answer is pretty simple: everyone who is looking for new business and growing exports or trade! We know that there is so much more to be done in terms of trade between Pakistan and Finland. There is growth and new business available on both sides of the field, and doors are open for growing bilateral trade and investments in any business or industry sector.

We have picked up Sustainability to be the main theme for FPBS 2024. That might be energy, education, manufacturing, exports or supporting women empowerment or SMEs, but certainly it is what the modern  world and effective Finland – Pakistan collaboration is all about!

Here you will find latest news clips with a few full session from FPBS 2023 – and please click to our Facebook Page for more:

From FPBS 2023: Panel discussion on export opportunities. 

From FPBS2023: Energy Talks in Karachi.

From FPBS 2023: Talks on Education in Karachi.

HUM TV: Ambassador of Finland, H.E. Hannu Ripatti on HUM TV on Independence Day of Finland.

Finfund: Finnfund made first direct equity investment in Pakistan.

HCG: “Big Finnish Energy Delegation met with Prime Minister of Pakistan”

News24: “Pakistan Attaches great importance to relations with Finland”

HCG: “First graduates of TAI-NUTECH joint-diploma for Hospitality Management”

Tribune: Pakistan’s IT exports to surpass $ 3 billion this year”

Economist: “Prime Minister on his drive to modernize the country”

CPEC: “Pakistan is among the eight fast growing economies in the world”

Bloomberg: “135 million Millennials drive World’s fastest growing retail market”


Some Best Practices of 2012-2023

We have been hosting these events over the last decade and received plenty of feedback from participating companies and their representatives. Business Summit is a platform enabling networking, talks and new business but you need to prepare yourself for maximum results, here’re som of best practices:

1. Do Your Homework: Make a list of industries, business sectors or companies you wish to meet during the Summit. Google the market, analyze data, contact your own Embassy, Consulates, Honorary Consulates, trade bodies. What ever information you feel you’re needing, look for it. And most of all, who do you want to meet and why? 

2. Invite Your Customers: Go through your own customer database or any earlier contacts you have had, or emails you received from potential new customers asking about your products or services. Maybe someone has indicated their interest to become your supplier or distributor? Make sure these will come and meet you at the Summit – there are plenty of rooms to meet them during the official agenda. 

3. Prepare Your Materials and Offer: Make sure that you have materials ready and with you at the Summit, and keep clear what you are actually looking for. New business, more business, new partners, distributor, suppliers, agent? Clearer message, better results. And keep changing business cards and make sure you get back to everyone you met.

4. Use Summit to Promote You and Your Company: Summit offers a great opportunity to promote your company for new business and new customers. In addition to normal visibility there are also various opportunities for sponsoring, running your own mini exhibition or meetings, own stands or something else. 

5. And finally, the golden rule #1: Be Active! And start it now. Start to collect details and build your own Summit package based on the things above. Meet people at the Summit, talk, change business cards, be active. Many of the Pakistani companies are multi-business corporations or family offices, something the Finnish companies used to be years ago, so talk and meet because you never know what is waiting for you behind the corner.