Sponsorship Terms 2023

All Sponsorship Agreements (the “Agreement”) are made and entered into force as of the last signature date, by and between Finland Pakistan Business Council, a non-Profit association registered in Helsinki, Finland (“Association”) and the Sponsor (“Sponsor”)

  1. Association is an independent, non-profit, and non-governmental organization registered to develop, facilitate and monitor the trade and business relationship between Finland and Pakistan.
  2. Sponsor is the company mentioned in the Agreement.
  3. The Sponsorship position and elements at the Finland Pakistan Business Summit are mentioned in the Agreement.
  4. Any special position or roles are confirmed only as mentioned in the Agreement.
  1. Sponsor enjoys publicity and roles in every Finland Pakistan Business Summit related activity, which Association runs in Finland and Pakistan including any publicity, events, digital visibility and PR related, and within the terms mentioned in the Agreement.
  2. Sponsor will provide all the required logos, other marketing material, names of its representative and guests to the Association, and as mentioned in the Agreement within 7 days of the signing the Agreement.
  3. Sponsor’s logo, description, and promotion material is visible on FPBS event page and other material, and within the terms of the Agreement.
  4. Association will use enough resources to help Sponsor with any meetings with the relevant representatives.
  5. All sponsorship fees are as confirmed in the Agreement.
  6. All invoicing/payment terms and methods as confirmed in the Agreement, all the payments are done 14 days prior the event at latest.