Platinum Sponsor

The Platinum Sponsorship Package

We plan and tailor everything with our Platinum Sponsors, a very limited group of companies or organizations who wants to maximize their visibility at the Finland Pakistan Business Summit and beyond. Below you will find some basic elements we can offer to you but we can also build you something else so let’s start to plan! Please contact us any additional information or ideas.

We are offering two options:

1) Exclusive Platinum Sponsorship, where your company or organization is enjoying this position exclusive, so only one sponsorship package available and for one company only.

2) Partner Platinum Sponsorship, where you can join with your local partner or distributor to share the unique position, limited to 3 companies in total (you +  2 partners).

Sponsorship fees are Euros 7,000.00 (Excl. VAT) fo Exclusive Platinum Sponsorship and Euros 8,000.00 (Excl VAT) for Partner Platinum Sponsorship.

Both packages include the following elements:

Main Roles and Rights of a Platinum Sponsor:

  • You are the Premium Platinum Sponsor of the Summits and strongly visible in everything we do during the Main Event of the Finland Pakistan Business Summit as well as in pre-event and post-event activities of FPBS
  • Own list of VIP Invitees to the Summit, ten full Summit Delegate VIP-tickets for your clients or quests
  • Own exlusive VIP table at the Summit where you can host your own customers or other invited companies or people
  • Access to own dedicated meeting room at the venue.
  • We shall tailor-made additional elements and visibility channels for you: details negotiated separately, please contact us for details

Accommodation and Hospitality, Speakers and PR

  • Hotel accommodation for 3 people at at the Summit venue
  • Opening and participating the Panel Discussion under the agreed topic (will be decided based on final agenda)
  • Or alternatively exclusive 10 -minutes exclusive speaking slot in selected session during the Summit (Main Day)
  • Your company representatives can join the official Press Conference and/or Press Releases of Summits for any message or news you might like to share to the media (Press Conference timing and arrangements are confirmed separately)

Marketing and Promotion Elements – Please note that these are all tailor-made for you by your request and needs.

  • Company will be mentioned at the conference introduction
  • Booth space with premium location and high traffic flow (if needed)
  • Company print ad(s) included in conference handout(s)
  • Access to Attendee contact information data
  • Main stage backdrop: your company logo will be prominently featured on the main stage backdrop(s) during the Summit and for separate backdrops at the Reception and/or for photo session of the guests there. Final arrangements are delivered separately.
  • Digital Signage(s): your company logo will be included in all digital channel that plays on continuous loops during the Summit main event and Reception
  • Online Visibility with Company Profile: acknowledgement of your company’s sponsorship, with your logo, company profile and a link to your website, will be prominently displayed on official meeting website(s) and boosted continuously through FPBS’s social media activities
  • License to use the “Official Platinum Sponsor” -logo (delivered separately) in connection with promotion of your conference sponsorship and participation
  • Other especially tailored visibility possible: we shall plan everything in detail with you.
  • Registration Bag Insert: if you wish you can place up to five (5) of your company’s promotional items in the official meeting bag or distribute any other promotional material

These packages are very limited to maximize your visibility. Please contact us for details.

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