Message of the Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif

Message of the Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif for Pakistan-Finland Business Summit 13-15 March

I am delighted to learn that Finnish companies and institutions plan to participate in Business Summit in Pakistan. I welcome them warmly.  

We are currently facing many challenges, but it is important to also look at Pakistan’s future prospects. We do recognize that Pakistan needs to upgrade its exporting industries, look for new opportunities in trade and investments, adopt digitalization and technology in all spheres. We also need to add value to our exports and encourage commercial and economic reach-out to the  world, with resolve and ingenuity. This is where our friends in Finland can assist us in a meaningful way, by sharing with us their experience and expertise.

Pakistan also enjoys another unique advantage: We have one of the youngest populations in the world, with an average age just about twenty years. These young and enterprising kids, with the right skills and technologies, can mature into dynamic professionals, who can build a better, bigger and a more flourishing future. And not only in Pakistan, but in many other countries, with older demographics, where there is the need for skilled and trained work force, like Finland and many more!

Finland and Pakistan have walked together in peace and friendship for the past 72 years. Now is the right time to take the next steps in our common quest for a brighter future. Welcome to Pakistan.

Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif

Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan