About us

Every success story starts with one crazy idea.

Decades of relations. Closing an Embassy. Saving the Trade. Reopening the Embassy. That's our story. For business.

We started from a scratch with just one crazy idea we had among friends and colleagues in business: how to get companies to browse and realise the potential of Pakistani market? The image of Pakistan was so often too bad and narrow, in so many cases very far away from the reality. Some companies were brave and smart enough to do their own homework but many companies, too many we found out, just decided to skip the huge business opportunities to those few, rare and brave competitors.

Foreign companies, especially Europeans, didn’t see the changes taking place in a ountry with 200 million people and Pakistani companies were obviously focused on those few traditional country to export. We felt that we need to do something. And especially when Finland closed its Embassy in Islamabad in 2012, we knew it is time to do something.

As always in business, you can keep just wondering or do something.

We decided to make the change to happen! 

There were obviously many around us who kept saying this is all impossible, but we didn’t give up. Nowadays we can proudly say that we made it. Starting in Helsinki, Finland in December 2012 made a lot of sense.

And we sure did it. Many times. First with one single event in mind, held in Helsinki, Finland on 9 December 2012, followed by several smaller events and finally in forms of Business Summit in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 and now back with events in both Islamabad and Karachi in 2023. Over 800 people from 300 companies have joined us over the last decade and many of them are doing nowadays continuous business with their partners in Pakistan and Finland. Also many Pakistani companies found their way to European market through Finland.

We are proud to say that Summits do work for business and there is definitely more to come. And we are also proud to produce all of these as all private, from companies to companies and for business with our partners, sponsors and offices of Finland Pakistan Business Council and Hon. Consulate General of Pakistan in Finland.

And when Embassy of Finland was reopened in Islamabad on September 1, 2022 – it was really time for a big rerun. For bilateral trade, growing imports and export, new investments, closer networks and for developing relations. 

Welcome to join us.

Summit is for business!

Summit is not about talks and presentations, Summit means business. New deals, new contacts, networking for business, new relations. That is why we keeping hosting these events – To offer a platform for business, that’s what it is.

A platform where companies do business together: when you need it, we are able to provide professional match-making for you as well, with pre-schedule meetings, browse the market data you need and whatever you might need to make your new business actions as smooth and productive as possible. And if you are ready to go, or you already know your potential partners in Finland or Pakistan, we are giving you the most professional place to meet your existing and potential customer, or just grown your own network with business owners and decision makers. 

You can and you should also use the Summit for you own customer management and relations by inviting all your existing and potential clients to meet you at the Summit for talks and presentations. You can also run your own sales meetings or mini-shows or even small exhibitions during the Summit. 

The summit is all private, planned and organised by private business people and companies in cooperation with the Pakistan Business Council locally. The event and all trademarks are owned by the Finland Pakistan Business Council, a non-profit association established originally already in 1985, one of the oldest Pakistan Business Councils in the Nordic region and actually one of the oldest ones still operating in the whole Europe.

World has changed in many ways over the decades but the need for new international trade is certainly there, and that’s why the concept of Business Summit was originally created.

Look forward seeing you soon with us for new business! Please contact our teams in Finland and Pakistan ready to help you with any questions related to Europe-Pakistan business and growing trade!

Best regards,


The FPBC HQ team


Finland Pakistan Business Summit is all private event, produced and hosted by Finland Pakistan Business Council (FPBC), participating companies and organizations. We all come from business, representing several industries and generations of experience of trade, investments and business. We know how to host the most successful and productive B2B events for networking and concrete business and that’s what Finland Pakistan Business Summit is all about.

We have own dedicated teams to handle all inquiries across the Finnish and Pakistani market so please contact us for  any additional questions about the Finland Pakistan Business Summit.