13 March 2023, Islamabad.
15 March 2023, Karachi.

Finland Pakistan
Business Summit

Finland Pakistan Business Summits have been linking Finnish and Pakistan companies together since 2012. It has been a great ride of total nine events held in Finland and Pakistan since December 2012, with over 600 people representing 270 companies for deeper relations, investments and growing trade. 

FPBS is hosted by Finland Pakistan Business Council (FPBC), a non-profit and non-political association supporting Finland-Pakistan trade, business and investments, established back in 1985. FPBC is one of the oldest continuously active and operating Pakistan related business councils in the world.

We are big believers in personal contacts and professional networking, and we are here to build bridges between people and companies. Creating a Platform where Finnish and Pakistani businesses, business owners, decision makers and institutions can meet for growth and new business. 

See you in Islamabad on March 13, 2023 and in Karachi on March 15, 2023!

Growth & opportunities

Time for new business.

Pakistan is a huge market with over 200 million people, with a pretty stable GDP growth over the recent years making Pakistan one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Obviously there has been plenty of recent challenges due Covid19 and current global energy crisis but it is time to look at the future now. That’s how new business happens.

In addition to talks and actions boosting networking, bilateral trade and investments in various business and industrial sectors, we have picked up two main themes for discussions at FPBS 2023 main stage and those are energy and education. Both where Finland – Pakistan cooperation could take plenty of positive steps towards better future.

Many Pakistani companies are looking for new markets for their products and services, searching new export opportunities in Finland and further in Europe. Even that many Pakistani companies already work closely in the European market, there are obviously hundreds of businesses and industry sectors, which Pakistani companies have never researched in detail. 

Welcome to join us for growing business!

We are also pleased to share that Finnpartnership, a business partnership programme funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and managed by Finnfund, is joining us to Pakistan. Finnpartnership is promoting the UN Sustainable Development Goals and sustainable job creation by supporting long-term business partnerships between companies from Finland and developing markets.

Finnpartnership services include Business Partnership Support (grant funding) and Matchmaking and there is a free pre-FPBS event virtual meeting hosted by them on February 17, see the details below. Please note that we shall send a link to this event to everyone registered to the Summit prior that date.


Restart your networks for business.

“Knowing each other is always the starting point for any new business or investments.”

“We started back in 2012 and our Summits have been bringing together the best selection of companies for better understanding, communication, networking and especially for new business and trade. It’s my great pleasure to welcome companies, business owners, entrepreneurs and institutions from Pakistan and Finland to join us to Islamabad and Karachi. See you soon in Pakistan!”

Finland Pakistan Business Summit is a professional B2B event supporting networking, new business, trade and investments, produced by Finland Pakistan Business Council. The whole structure is to offer a business driven platform with some very high-end panel discussions and opening speeches, overall briefs and presentations about the current market development and the business opportunities in both countries – but most of all, the day is filled with plenty of B2B meetings and talks. You all know how to do your own business, we are giving you a platform and required tools to do make it happen. That’s also why we are always encouraging companies to invite their own existing and potential customer to meet under the FPBS umbrella.

And all Finnish and Pakistani companies planning to join us, please scroll down also for wonderful Match Making services Finnpartnership can offer to you, in addition to a great pre-event virtual workshop they are hosting.

FPBS is all private and hosted by non-governmental association FPBC but we are honored to be part of a great bilateral story:

72 years of diplomatic relations.
"I am delighted to learn that Finnish companies and institutions plan to participate in Business Summit in Pakistan. I welcome them warmly."
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Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif
Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan
"It is a great pleasure to take part in my first Business Summit. I’ll see, in action, the possibilities inherent in our trade and the interactions to make it grow further. The Summit also gives me a chance to meet many new companies in one big meet. See you at the Summit!"
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H.E. Mr. Hannu Ripatti
Ambassador of Finland to Pakistan
"Pakistan welcomes Finnish partners and hopes this event would lead to development of ties in education, trade, technology and investment sectors"
H.E. Mr. Zahoor Ahmed
Ambassador of Pakistan to Finland
"Pakistan is a market of over 200 million people. Needs and opportunities are abundant, and the cake of growth is being divided just now. Join us in March to grab your piece! "
Ms. Birgit Nevala
Programme Director, Finnpartnership

Time for the Next One.

It's time to open the doors and minds again.

The coming FPBS is going to be the 10th time over the last decade when Finnish and Pakistani companies are meeting for networking, business, trade and investments on this platform. It all started in very snowy Helsinki in December 2012 with the first ever “Pakistan – Challenges and Business Opportunities” -seminars then expanded into three successful Business Summits in Pakistan and then back to snowy Helsinki in 2017. And the story goes on.

We are thrilled to help companies and entrepreneurs to find new business opportunities, and we are pleased to announce this 10th event with a wonderful set of topics, companies and meetings. 

Our humble and all private B2B-event bringing companies together for business is not anything tiny anymore. Over the last decade it has collected around 600 participants and over 270 companies  Furthermore, we have helped over 100 Finnish and European companies to enter the Pakistani market and Pakistani companies to find new customers in Finland, Scandinavia and Europe, in addition to hosting plenty of meetings with the right companies and representatives of the governments.

Finnpartnership is also joining us to Pakistan. Click to their website to find more about their services supporting new business between Pakistan and Finland.



Let's look at some of the earlier ones.

It all started in Helsinki, Finland on a very snowy day on December 9, 2012 with the first “Challenges and Business Opportunities” seminar, taking place in Finland several times before expanding into a full scale Business Summit in 2014. Let’s take a look on some of the earlier ones!

Helsinki edition 2017

Helsinki Edition 2017 , January 19-20, 2017 with a pan-Nordic touch and with the biggest Pakistani delegation in the Nordic region ever! Take a look how great that was on Flickr!

Islamabad 2016
In 2016 we added some pan-Nordic flavors on Pakistan, and reached the milestone of 3rd event with over 30 Nordic companies and 150 total. More photos on Flickr
Islamabad 2015

Two very successful events already organized with 300 people and 150 companies and plenty of new business done! Take a look what has happened! More photos on Flickr.

Islamabad 2014

Finland Pakistan Business Summit 2014 was a big success and reported in over 30 media channels. There were not so many who believed we can do it but we did it! More photos on Flick